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The development of DC power supply

Dc power supply of electromagnetic interference is the local switching circuit of transformer is the most serious in primary and secondary coil, but its radiation and conduction interference can produce, through the induction of interferences with other circuits, conduction and radiation of the most serious is the power cord, because the power cord is easy to be half wave oscillator antenna signal source, and connected to the outside, It's easy to transmit the interfering signal to other devices. Therefore, the power cable must be effectively isolated at the input end of the switching DC power supply.

500kW  load bank
Switching DC regulated power supply refers to the DC regulated power supply with power regulating elements working in "on" and "off" mode. Early magnetic amplifier switch DC regulator power supply is "on" and "off" control using "saturated" and "unsaturated" two states, it is a low-frequency magnetic amplifier. In this process, silicon controlled phased rectifier regulated power supply also belongs to switching DC regulated power supply.
Then the high frequency switching power conversion technology develops rapidly, mainly refers to the converter mode of high frequency switching DC regulated power supply. Entering the 1990s, power electronics technology, PWM technology and other increasingly mature, switching DC power supply and switching AC power supply has become the dominant market. Power electronics technology is a subject that uses power electronics technology to control and convert electric energy. It consists of three parts: power electronic devices, current conversion circuit and control circuit. It is the cross discipline of three electrical engineering technology fields: power, electronics and control. With the development of science and technology, power electronic technology is closely related to many fields such as modern control theory, material science, electrical engineering and microelectronics technology. Gradually developed into a multi - disciplinary cross - penetration of comprehensive technical discipline.