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What is the role of the load bank?

Load bank is a kind of power detection equipment, mainly for generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), battery, power transmission equipment for load detection and maintenance, generator set and UPS uninterruptible power periodic test, maintenance tools and equipment.

100kw portable load bank
So what are the main functions of the load bank? As follows:
1. Resistance load bank has harmonic analysis function, can simultaneously analyze voltage, current 2 ~ 50 harmonic content and total harmonic content.
2. Resistance load bank has the function of overheating protection, after overheating, automatically shut off the load, stop discharge and alarm to remind the user.
3. Resistance load bank measuring generator, UPS steady three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, running time, accumulated electric energy and other basic functions.
4. Resistor load bank has the function of parallel machine, through RS485 communication to realize the operation of multiple load parallel machine, to meet the need of the maximum 2400KW high power test.
5. The resistance load bank computer can remotely control the load through the serial port, real-time data monitoring and other operations; The test data can also be imported into the computer through serial port or SD card for data, graphics analysis, report printing, etc.
6. Resistance load bank generator, UPS setting test, fluctuation test, transient test (load sudden loading, load sudden unloading) function, can automatically test the maximum and minimum voltage, maximum and minimum current, maximum and minimum frequency when the load sudden change.