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What is the role of ac load bank for power supply?

Dc load bank and AC load bank belong to a kind of power detection and maintenance equipment, why to test the power supply of the generator set? What is the role of ac load bank in power maintenance?

1000kw load bank
First, let's talk about why generator set equipment is tested.
Back-up power is the most commonly used are generally diesel generator set, if diesel generator load is too low, and less than 60% or no-load operation, will cause combustion of fuel oil is not sufficient, the piston, the nozzle carbon deposition, would be a bad influence on generator set, and even lead to generating set, standby power at the same time also can't very good work. What is the role of the AC load bank in the maintenance of the backup power supply?
Ac load bank usually has two functions:
The first is to detect and maintain the backup power supply, and to provide reliable guarantee for the normal start of the diesel generator set in an emergency;
The second is that the new diesel generator set can be carried out with the load capacity test, and ensure the rationality of the generator set selection and power off the case of play.
Ac load bank can also test the performance of new battery engineering, provide scientific and reliable professional data basis for the acceptance of new battery engineering, and improve the rationality of the use of new battery engineering.