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The importance of daily inspection and maintenance of load bank

At present, the load bank as the core of the generator set test system has been widely recognized in the market, the demand for rapid growth. In general, this is mainly because of the increasing demand for generating sets in various industries and the need for scientific testing and maintenance of generating sets.
500kw load bank
500kw load bank
Diesel generator set as the emergency backup power supply after power failure, most of the time is in standby state, once power failure or failure occurs, backup diesel generator set will play a vital role. However, we often find that there are problems in the performance of the diesel generator set after the power supply failure occurs, This shows that many users do not pay enough attention to the knowledge of AC load bank for diesel generator set inspection and maintenance.
The generator load bank set strengthens the daily detection and maintenance of the generator set, establishes the perfect detection and maintenance regulations of the generator set, and carries on the maintenance of the generator set regularly, can effectively avoid the occurrence of power failure accidents, so that the enterprise is not subjected to unnecessary losses.
In addition, regular testing of generator sets can reduce costs.Regular generator testing can delay the original unit overhaul cycle for 3 to 8 years, and the minor repair cycle is extended from the original 12 months to about 18 months, which not only greatly improves the unit availability, but also reduces the maintenance cost.