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What can the load bank do to the power supply?

With the development of science and technology, all kinds of machines are closely connected, the requirements of production technology are more and more high, in order to ensure the quality of products; To avoid machine failure, or even damage. Therefore, it is necessary to check the production machine regularly, check and maintain the power supply to ensure the stability of the power supply. How to conduct professional and systematic inspection and maintenance of the power supply? At this time, it is necessary to use power detection equipment - load bank, load bank detection mainly has the following two aspects?

500kw load bank
First, unbalanced load capability detection. The load bank can not only detect the load capacity of the power supply, but also the transient, steady state voltage regulation rate, transient, steady state frequency regulation rate, voltage, frequency recovery time and so on.
Second, the output voltage regulation accuracy detection. Voltage stability industrial production requirements, otherwise the voltage change is too large to affect the use of the machine and the processing quality of products, so the load bank can comfortable voltage regulator of various power source situation, such as output voltage unbalance degree, mains battery switch time, backup time, dynamic and transient voltage range detection.
Although detection for power can also be artificial, but the quantity is big, and time consuming, cost of manpower, and the load bank can to automatic detection of the power supply, not only time, detection data is more accurate, complete testing project is more, so, now load cases were used to detect the power supply is necessary.