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The high-power electronic load can detect and maintain the power supply


With the development of The Times, the production and processing requirements of electronic equipment are becoming more stringent. In order to ensure the processing quality of equipment, manufacturers need to check and maintain the power supply to improve the stability of the power supply. High-power electronic load can be professional and systematic detection of power supply, so what is the detection content?


500kW load bank

1. Unbalanced load capacity detection. The electronic load has the ability to detect the load of the power supply, and also can detect the transient and steady-state voltage adjustment rate, the transient and steady-state frequency adjustment rate, voltage, frequency recovery time, etc.
2. Output voltage regulator accuracy detection. Voltage stability is the requirement of industrial production, if the voltage change will directly affect the use of equipment and processing quality, so the load should be able to adjust all kinds of power supply, such as output voltage imbalance, battery switching time, dynamic and transient voltage range detection.
Power supply detection can also be carried out manually, but the amount of engineering, time-consuming, manpower consumption, and the use of high-power electronic load can be automatically detected on the power supply, short time consuming, high detection accuracy, wide application field.